Who we are

Hooves of Africa Safaris is an eco-tourism and photography-based safari company dedicated to providing unforgettable, sustainable safari experiences that allow our guests to truly immerse themselves in the beauty and culture of Africa with a strong commitment to sustainability.

We pride ourself in provision of life changing eco tours, birding tours, photo tours, cultural tours, adventure tours through our private and personalized packages that are created with your help.

We work with high quality accommodation basing on the client’s budget, working with filed based guides that are handpicked by our experienced and passionate office team for each safari to offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as we explore breathtaking landscapes and wildlife in our respective destinations while ensuring that we are preserving the natural environment and cultures of the local communities.

Mission and Vision: Our mission/Vision at Hooves of Africa Safaris is to create and provide unforgettable, exceptional sustainable safari experiences that foster conservation and promotion of environmental impact awareness with full support and involvement of the host communities for the future generations economically and sustainably.

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Meet the Team

Dickson Ndyasiima – (CEO & Founder) 

Dickson is a renowned award-winning professional nature and wildlife photographer with a solid understanding of the safari business. His knowledge includes the logistics of operating and marketing high end lodges, coordinating with local communities. Based on that background he and his team create itineraries that showcase the best of the natural world while minimizing the impact on the environment.

IMG Dixon _ CEO Hooves of Africa

Dixon holds a degree in travel and tourism management and is very passionate about conservation, which he has used to create a successful safari business that prioritizes responsible tourism. He gained extensive experience in the safari industry working as a senior safari consultant and in marketing management jobs at high end lodges and camps before establishing his own company. Dixon is also a member of the executive Board of the Uganda Safari Travel Guide as “Head of Visual Content”.

His extra attention to details, prioritizing the needs and desires of guests and commitment to customer satisfaction have helped him to build a safari company that caters to discerning travellers seeking a high-end safari experience.



About usJazel Sheila Mukisa – (Senior Safari Consultant)

Sheila has extensive knowledge and expertise in planning safaris, arranging, and recommending accommodations, vehicle allocation and inspection among other logistics to ensure a memorable and seamless safari for our clients. She Knows Rwanda-Uganda destinations and helps us to offer personalized experiences to our guests.

Meet our Safari Guides

Our Team of Safari Guides at Hooves of Africa are all experienced safari guides possessing a combination of education, practical experience, and a passion for wildlife conservation. Our deep knowledge about our local flora and fauna, excellent communication skills, and ability to create memorable experiences make us invaluable in guiding tourists through wildlife destinations.

All our guides are and have been actively working in the field for over 6 years and have gained in-depth understanding of the local wildlife and their behaviors. This hands-on experience allows them to anticipate animal movements, identify species accurately, and interpret animal behavior for our clients. You can expect the best locations for wildlife sightings, smooth navigation through various terrains, detailed explanations about the interactions between different species and the ecosystem.

We will get you there:


Abia Atukwatse

Safari Guide

Abia’s expertise lies not only in identifying and tracking wildlife but also in interpreting their behavior and ecosystem dynamics to provide guests with an immersive experience.

Nakafero Veronica

Safari Guide

Veronica is known for her exceptional knowledge about birds and her ability to connect with guests on a personal level. She is passionate about conservation and works work closely with local communities.

Mugisha Balaam

Safari Guide

Balaam is famous for storytelling, which helps to bring the African bush to life for his guests. By his knowledge of the routes and trails he allows tourists to make the most of their time in the wilderness.

Stephen Baboinek

Head Guide

With over three decades in safari guiding profession, Stephen has honed his skills, knowledge working in the Africanbush and is a true embodiment of expertise. Having him on our safari team is a plus. His expertise goes beyond sighting wildlife to deep understanding of wildlife behavior and conservation principles. With strong problem-solving skills, every aspect of your safari is cared for.

Ahimbisibwe Stuart

Safari Guide

Stuart is both a safari guide and a keen wildlife photographer. With a deep understanding of the local flora and fauna. He has mastered the art of guiding cultural safaris to South Sudan and Northern Uganda. Well-versed with history, traditions, customs, and beliefs of the local communities. Stuart's veratility and adaptability to different environments makes him a resource to your African safari.

Moses Mutungi

Safari Guide

Moses has received recognition for his exceptional guiding skills and dedication to wildlife conservation. He has been commended by both fellow guides and guests for his ability to create unforgettable experiences in the wild while prioritizing ethical interactions with wildlife. His commitment to sustainability has earned him position as one of our favorite guides to work with.

Arshley Brian

Safari Guide

Brian is a respected bird guide in the guiding profession of Uganda and Rwanda. His sound understanding of the ecosystem, wildlife behaviour, and ecology has made him an invaluable asset to any safari experience.

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